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Meaning of the Name Roger

The first name Roger is of German, Teutonic, French, Shakespearean, English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

German: Fame Spear
Teutonic: Famous Fighter
French: Famous Warrior (Dodge, Hedge, Hodges, Rodge, Rodger, Rog, Rogers, Ruter, Rogelio, Ruggiero, Rozer)
Shakespearean: 'Henry Vi, Part ' Roger Bolingbroke, a Conjurer
German: Renowned Spearman
Teutonic: Spear of Fame, Mystic, Emotional, Just, Reasonable
English: Variant of Rodger: Famed Spear; Renowned Spearman. Rogelio: (Spanish) 'Renowned Spearman.'

Similar Names

Rogerio | Ryker |

Related Names

Bolingbroke  (Shakespearean)
'Henry Vi, Part ' Roger Bolingbroke, a Conjurer. 'King Richard Ii' Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Hereford, Later 'King Henry Iv'
Gaukroger  (English)
Roger the Clumsy
Rogerio  (Teutonic)
Famous Fighter
Rudiger  (German)
German Form of Roger
Ruggero  (Italian)
Italian Form of Roger 'Famous Spear'
Rutger  (German)
German Form of Roger
Rutger  (Swedish)
Swedish Form of Roger 'Renowned Spear'

Additional Names

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