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Meaning of the Name Quint

The first name Quint is of English, French origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Variant of Quentin 'Fifth.' Surname
French: Variant of Quentin 'Fifth.' Surname

Similar Names

Quent | Quinto | Quinty | Quinta | Quant |

Related Names

Laquinta  (African American)
The Fifth
Quentin  (Latin)
Fifth (Quincy, Quinn, Quinton)
Quentin  (Scottish)
A Borrowing from the French, Quentin is from the Latin Quenttnus, a Derivative of the Roman Personal Name Quintus, Which is from Quintus (The Fifth)
Quin  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Quintuplet, Fifth
Quinta  (Latin)
The Fifth
Quinta  (Spanish)
Born Fifth
Quintana  (Latin)
The Fifth Girl
Quintessa  (Latin)
Fifth Small One
Quintin  (Latin)
From the Name Quentin
Quintin  (Latin)
Quintina  (Latin)
Born Fifth
Quintisha  (African)
Black and Proud
Quinto  (Spanish)
Fifth Child
Quinton  (Latin)
Born Fifth
Quinton  (Latin)
The Fifth Child (Quentin, Quent, Quincy, Quinn, Quint)
Quinton  (English)
Variant of Quentin 'Fifth.' Surname
Quinton  (French)
Variant of Quentin 'Fifth.' Surname
Quintrell  (English)
Variant of Quentin 'Fifth.' Surname
Quintrell  (French)
Variant of Quentin 'Fifth.' Surname
Quintus  (Shakespearean)
'The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus' Son to Titus Andronicus
Quintus  (Latin)
Born Fifth
Quinty  (Latin)
The 5th Child (Latin)
Qwin  (Celtic/Gaelic)

Additional Names

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