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Meaning of the Name Percy

The first name Percy is of English, French origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Diminutive of Percival: Pierces the Valley
French: From Percivia
French: Pierces
French: Piercing the Valley

Similar Names

Pearce | Peirce | Perce | Perez | Perga | Pierce | Parca | Perke |

Related Names

Algernon  (French)
With Whiskers, Bearded. in Norman Times, When Most Men Were Clean-shaven, This Nickname Was Given Two Mustache-wearing Companions of William the Conqueror, One of Whom Was William De Percy, Founder of
Hotspur  (Shakespearean)
'King Henry Iv, Part ' and 'King Richard the Second' Henry Percy, Surnamed Hotspur, Son of the Earl of Northumberland
Northumberland  (Shakespearean)
'King Henry Iv, and ' Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland. 'King Henry Vi, Part Iii' Earl of Northumberland 'The Tragedy of Macbeth' Siward, Earl of Northumberland, English General, and Young Siward,
Percival  (French)
Fire Warrior (Parsifal, Percy, Purcell)
Percyvelle  (Arthurian Legend)
Hero of Several Arthurian Stories
Worcester  (Shakespearean)
'King Henry Iv, Part ' Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester

Additional Names

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