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Meaning of the Name Orion

The first name Orion is of Greek origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Greek: Rising in the Sky; Dawning. Mythological Orion Was a Mighty Hunter and Son of Poseidon. The Constellation Orion Contains Three Conspicuous Stars
Greek: The Hunter (Orien, Orin, Orrin)
Greek: A Hunter in Greek Mythology

Similar Names

Oran | Oren | Orin | Orman | Ornan | Orran | Orren | Orrin | Oriana | Orino |

Related Names

Cari  (Spanish)
Abbreviation of Caridad Meaning Dear; Darling. A Star in the Orion Constellation
Dorion  (English)
Descendant of Dorus. Dorian Was a Character in Oscar Wilde's Novel the Picture of Dorian Gray Who Was Given His Wish That His Portrait Would Age While He Remained Young and Handsome
Dorion  (Greek)
Variant of Dorian: Place Name in Greece
Euryle  (Latin)
Mother of Orion
Pinon  (American)
A God Who Became the Constellation Orion
Rigel  (Arabic)
Foot. Rigel is a Blue Star of the First Magnitude That Marks the Hunter's Left Foot in the Orion Constellation
Side  (Latin)
Wife of Orion
Torion  (Scottish)
Variant of Torrence 'From the Craggy Hills.' Tor is a Name for a Craggy Hilltop and Also May Refer to a Watchtower
Torion  (Irish)
Variant of Torrence: from the Craggy Hills
Zorion  (Basque)
Zorion  (Portuguese)

Additional Names

Aegeon | Steiner | Lifton | Denman | Biton | Espen | Anita | Deanna | Jolie | Verbane | Marci | Meghana | Arilde | Tahseen | Berty |