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Meaning of the Name Omar

The first name Omar is of Arabic, Muslim, Biblical, Islamic, Hebrew origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Arabic: Long-lived
Arabic: Ultimate Devotee
Muslim: Life. Long Living
Biblical: He That Speaks; Bitter
Islamic: First-born Son
Hebrew: Eloquent. Speaker. The Grandson of Esau in the Old Testament. Famous Bearers: Th Century Persian Poet and Astronomer and Mathematician Omar Khayyam; Caliph Omar Ii, Who Made Islam an Imperial Power; A

Similar Names

Omari | Omarr | Omer | Ommar | Omri | Omora |

Related Names

Annamarie  (Latin)
Variant of Anne. Famous Bearer: the Biblical Annomarie Saw Infant Jesus Presented at the Temple in Jerusalem
Dagomar  (German)
Glorious Day
Fraomar  (Anglo Saxon)
Name of a King
Geomar  (German)
Famous in Battle
Geomar  (Italian)
Famous in Battle
Giomar  (German)
Famous in Battle
Giomar  (Italian)
Famous in Battle
Homar  (Greek)
Given As Hostage; Promised. Homer Was Credited With Writing the Epic Greek Poems the Iliad and the Odyssey
Iomar  (Gaelic)
Jomar  (Hebrew)
A Combination of Joseph and Mary
Omari  (African)
God the Highest (Swahili)
Omari  (Egyptian)
High Born
Omarr  (African)
God the Highest (Swahili)
Otomars  (Teutonic)
Umar  (Muslim)
Old Arabic Name. Second Khalifah of Islam. Age. Lifetime. Also a Variant of Omar: Life. Long Living
Xiomar  (German)
Famous in Battle. Variant of Geomar
Xiomar  (Italian)
Famous in Battle. Variant of Geomar
Xiomara  (Spanish)
Ready for Battle

Additional Names

Thorne | Agnidev | Illyria | Destini | Zoey | Konrad | Denman | Athaiah | Iov | Katja | Dirce | Bindi | Toi | Addiena | Dermot |