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Meaning of the Name Neri

The first name Neri is of Biblical origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Biblical: My Light
Biblical: My Light

Similar Names

Nara | Nari | Nario | Nehru | Ner | Neriah | Nero | Noori | Nur | Nuri |

Related Names

Cyneric  (English)
Cynerik  (English)
Genera  (Latin)
Generic, the Same
Genero  (Latin)
General, Generic
Goneril  (Shakespearean)
'Tragedy of King Lear' Daughter to King Lear
Henerik  (Teutonic)
Rules an Estate
Nenine  (Greek)
Ocean Spirit (Neerida, Nerina, Nerissa, Neryssa)
Neria  (Basque)
Neriah  (Biblical)
Light, Lamp of the Lord
Nerian  (Anglo Saxon)
Nerice  (American)
Powerful Woman
Nerice  (Greek)
From the Sea
Nerida  (Greek)
Sea Nymph; Daughter of Nereus. in Greek Mythology the Nereids Were Mermaids and Deities of the Seas
Neried  (Greek)
The Sea Nymphs
Nerina  (Latin)
Named for the Nereides
Nerina  (Greek)
Sea Nymph
Nerina  (Greek)
The Sea Nymphs
Nerine  (Latin)
Named for the Nereides
Nerine  (Greek)
The Sea Nymphs
Nerio  (Latin)
Wife of Mars
Neris  (Latin)
Named for the Nereides
Nerissa  (Greek)
Of the Sea
Nerissa  (Greek)
Sea Nymph. Nerissa Was a Character in Shakespeare's Play, 'The Merchant of Venice'
Nerissa  (Shakespearean)
'The Merchant of Venice' Portia's Waiting-maid
Nerita  (Greek)
From the Sea
Nerita  (Spanish)
Sea Snail
Oswald  (Shakespearean)
'Tragedy of King Lear' Steward to Goneril

Additional Names

Arundhati | Jorah | Elspeth | Palaemon | Meirion | Candide | Lynae | Earnest | Aryabhata | Trevion | Mauro | Moss | Marcelle | Nicola | Arianne |