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Meaning of the Name Miri

The first name Miri is of Slavic, Hebrew origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Slavic: Variant of Myra and Miranda
Hebrew: Bitter, Variation of Miriam (Mimi, Minni, Minnie, Mitzi)
Hebrew: Bitter

Similar Names

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Related Names

Amelia  (Latin)
Industrious, Admiring
Amelie  (French)
Industrious, Admiring
Amiri  (African)
Amiri  (African)
Amiria  (Maori)
Industrious, from Amelia
Emele  (French)
Industrious, Admiring
Emilia  (Latin)
Emily  (Latin)
Emmly  (American)
Mamie  (English)
Abbreviation of Mary and Miriam. Also a Diminutive of Any Feminine Name Beginning With M. Also Used As an Independent Name in the Usa
Mary  (English)
Bitter. Variant of Miriam. The Biblical Mother of Christ. Names Like Dolores and Mercedes Have Been Created to Express Aspects of Mary's Life and Worship
Mayme  (English)
Abbreviation of Mary and Miriam
Mijam  (Finnish)
Finnish Form of Miriam
Miriam  (Armenian)
Biblical Name Meaning Rebellious
Miriam  (Hebrew)
Bitter (Mitzie, Mary)
Miriam  (Hebrew)
Mistress of the Sea
Miriam  (Biblical)
Miriam  (Hebrew)
Rebellious. in the Old Testament, Miriam Was the Sister of Moses and Aaron
Miriana  (Slavic)
Variant of Myra and Miranda
Mirias  (Greek)
Mirielle  (French)
She is Bitter
Mirilla  (Latin)
Mirit  (Hebrew)
Mirit  (Hebrew)
MiriUia  (Latin)
Myriam  (Hebrew)
Ancient Version of Mary. in the Bible Miriam Sister of Moses Saved His Life When She Hid Infant Moses in a Basket Among the Rushes at the River's Edge for Pharaoh's Daughter to Find
Vladmiri  (Russian)
Has Peace

Additional Names

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