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Meaning of the Name Mano

The first name Mano is of Spanish, Hawaiian origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Spanish: An Abbreviation of Manuel 'God is With Us'
Hawaiian: Shark. A Passionate Lover

Similar Names

Maai | Mahon | Mai | Ma'n | Mane | Mani | Mann | Manny | Manoah | Manu |

Related Names

Aldan  (English)
From the Old Manor
Alden  (English)
Variant of Aldwyn: from the Old English Ealdwine Meaning Old Friend. A Common Name in the Middle Ages. Also Wise Friend, or from the Old Manor
Aldtun  (English)
From the Old Manor
Alton  (English)
From the Old Manor or Village
Bolton  (English)
From the Manor Farm
Germano  (French)
Graham  (English)
A Surname Originating from a Place Called Grantham in Lincolnshire. The First Element is Uncertain, But the Second is from the Old English Ham (Home, Dwelling, Manor). Variations: Graeme, Grahame. (Gr
Hall  (English)
From the Manor
Halley  (English)
From the Manor House Meadow
Halstead  (English)
From the Manor House
Heall  (English)
From the Manor
Healleah  (English)
From the Manor House Meadow
Heallstede  (English)
From the Manor House
Imanol  (Hebrew)
God is With Us
Imanol  (Basque)
God is With Us
Manoah  (Biblical)
Rest, a Present
Manoela  (Spanish)
God is With Us. Variant of Manuel
Manohar  (Hindu)
Manohar  (Indian)
one who wins over mind
Manoj  (Indian)
born of mind
Manolito  (Spanish)
A Form of Emmanuel 'God is With Us'
Manolo  (Spanish)
A Form of Emmanuel 'God is With Us'
Manon  (French)
Diminutive Form of Marie Which is a Variant of Mary 'Bitter
Manon  (French)
Manorama  (Indian)
attractive, beautiful
Manorama  (Hindu)
Attractive, Beautiful
Manoranjan  (Hindu)
Amusing Person
Manoranjan  (Indian)
one who pleases the mind
Manorath  (Hindu)
A Yearning, a Desire
Manoush  (Persian)
Sweet Sun
Romano  (Italian)
From Rome
Romano  (Spanish)
From Rome
Romano  (Latin)
Seignour  (French)
Lord of the Manor
Selby  (Teutonic)
From the Manor Farm
Selby  (English)
Willow Farm; from the Manor House
Selden  (Teutonic)
From the Manor Valley
Seldon  (Teutonic)
From the Manor Valley
Seleby  (English)
From the Manor House
Senior  (French)
Lord of the Manor
Shelby  (English)
From the Manor House 'Willow Farm.' English Surname Used More for Girls Than Boys Given Names
Tiernan  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Lord of the Manor
Waerheall  (English)
From the True Man's Manor
Worrell  (English)
From the True Man's Manor

Additional Names

Michal | Sahale | Azamat | Chandi | Peni | Zehavit | Faris | Earwin | Hildegard | Rorke | Casluhim | Aldwin | Heanleah | Vandan | Liliana |