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Meaning of the Name Malcolm

The first name Malcolm is of Shakespearean, Scottish, Gaelic, Celtic, Celtic/Gaelic origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Shakespearean: 'The Tragedy of Macbeth' Elder Son of King Duncan
Scottish: St. Columb's Disciple
Gaelic: Servant/Disciple of Columba. Famous Bearers: Conductor Sir Malcolm Sargent and U.S. Black Militant Malcolm X (Malcolm Little)
Celtic: Servant of Saint Columba
Celtic: Servant of Columba, Liberal, Cultured, Sparkling
Scottish: Of Royal Blood, Servant of St. Columba; Derived from the Gaelic Maolcolm (Servant of St. Columba). St. Columba (521-97) Was an Irish Missionary Who Played a Major Role in Converting Scotland and North
Celtic/Gaelic: Follower Fof St Columbus

Similar Names

Mealcoluim | Malcolmina |

Related Names

Callum  (Gaelic)
Dove. Can Also Be a Variant of Malcolm: 'servant/Disciple of Columba'
Calum  (Gaelic)
Dove. Can Also Be a Variant of Malcolm: 'servant/Disciple of Saint Columba'
Malcolmina  (English)
A Servant of St. Columba; a Feminine Form of Malcolm. Variation: Malina. (Mal-ko-mee-nah)

Additional Names

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