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Meaning of the Name Mada

The first name Mada is of Arabic, Irish, Polish origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Arabic: The End of the Path
Irish: From Mathilda
Polish: Bitter

Similar Names

Maadai | Ma'd | Madai | Madu | Maed | Mahdi | Mahdy | Mamta | Mat | Mata |

Related Names

Amada  (Latin)
Variant of Amadeus: He Who Loves God. Famous Bearer: Late Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Amada  (Spanish)
Amadahy  (Native American)
Forest Water
Amadahy  (Native American)
Forest Water (Cherokee)
Ashwapathi  (Hindu)
A King of Madara Kingdom
Gamada  (African)
Glad, Pleased
Gamada  (African)
Glad, Pleased
Induja  (Indian)
Narmada river
Induja  (Hindu)
Narmada River
Madai  (Biblical)
A Measure, Judging, a Garment
Madailein  (Irish)
Irish Form of Madeleine: Magnificent
Madalen  (Hebrew)
From the Tower
Madalen  (Basque)
Woman of Magdala (Maialen, Malen, Matxalen)
Madalena  (Spanish)
Bitter; Woman from Magdala. Variant of Madeleine
Madalene  (French)
Woman from Magdala. Variant of Madeleine
Madalyn  (Hebrew)
From the Tower
Madalynn  (Spanish)
Bitter; Woman from Magdala. Variant of Madeleine
Madan  (Hindu)
The Cupid
Madan  (Indian)
Cupid, god of love
Madanmohan  (Hindu)
Handsome As Cupid
Madawc  (Welsh)
Madawg  (Welsh)
Legendary Son of Teithyon
Madonna  (Italian)
My Lady. Respectful Form of Address Similar to the French 'Madame.' Used to Signify Virgin Mary or Art Depicting Her As a Mother
Narmada  (Hindu)
Gives Us Pleasure
Narmada  (Hindu)
One Who Arouses Tender Feelings in Others, River Narmada
Narmada  (Indian)
one who arouses tender feelings in others, river Narmada
Ramadan  (Muslim)
Variant of Ramadhan: Ninth Month of Muslim Calendar
Renuka  (Indian)
wife of Jamadagni rishi
Renuka  (Hindu)
Wife of Jamadagni Rishi
Samadarshi  (Hindu)
Unbiased,Who Can See All
Semadar  (Hebrew)
Smadar  (Hebrew)
A Kind of Flower

Additional Names

Corey | Caiseal | Brand | Hanz | Annawan | Nika | Feodras | Sabra | Fulton | Benjamin | Sai | Jinny | Elene | Petrine | Aiden |