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Meaning of the Name Lali

The first name Lali is of Spanish, Hindu, Greek, Teutonic, Indian origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Spanish: Abbreviation of Eulalie: Well-spoken
Hindu: Darling Girl
Greek: Well Spoken
Teutonic: Famous Holiness
Indian: darling girl

Similar Names

Lael | Lal | Lalla | Lalo | Law | Lawe | Lawly | Lay | Layla | Leal |

Related Names

Chilali  (Native American)
Snow Bird
Eulalia  (Greek)
Well Spoken
Eulalia  (Greek)
Sweetly Speaking, Sweet-spoken. Famous Bearer; Th Century Spanish Martyr St Eulalia
Eulalie  (Greek)
Variant of Eulalia: Sweetly Speaking, Sweet-spoken
Eulalie  (French)
French Form of the Greek Eulalia, Meaning Sweetly Speaking, Well - Spoken
Eulalie  (Greek)
Sweet Talk
Lala  (Spanish)
Abbreviation of Eulalie: Well-spoken
Lalia  (Greek)
Lalia  (Spanish)
Abbreviation of Eulalie: Well-spoken
Lalima  (Hindu)
Wife of Vishnu
Lalima  (Indian)
wife of Vishnu
Lalit  (Indian)
Lalit  (Hindu)
Lalita  (Indian)
variety, beauty
Lalita  (Hindu)
Named for the Lalita Vistara
Lalita  (Sanskrit)
Pleasant; Playful. in Hindu Mythology Lalita is Mistress and Playmate to the Krishna
Lalita  (Greek)
She Who Plays
Lalita  (Hindu)
Variety, Beauty, Playful, Amorous. it is the Name of One of the Amorous Playmates of the Adolescent Krishna. Origin: Sanskrit
Lalitaditya  (Indian)
beautiful sun
Lalitchandra  (Indian)
beautiful moon
Lalitmohan  (Hindu)
Simple and Handsome
Lalitmohan  (Indian)
beautiful and attractive
Lalla  (Spanish)
Abbreviation of Eulalie 'Well-spoken.'
Lalla  (Spanish)
Abbreviation of Eulalie: Well-spoken
Pelaliah  (Biblical)
Entreating the Lord
Salali  (Native American)
Salali  (Native American)
Squirrel (Cherokee)
Sulalit  (Indian)
Ula  (Spanish)
Abbreviation of Eulalie

Additional Names

Myrna | Agneta | Lia | Wissian | Choni | Devinee | Ione | Sivan | Orma | Muirgheal | Shaheena | Nathar | Callista | Bertilde | Khrystina |