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Meaning of the Name Kirstie

The first name Kirstie is of English, Greek, Latin origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: A Christian; a Pet Form of Kirstin. Kirstie is Also Used As an Independent Given Name. Variations: Chirsty, Kirsty. (Keer-stee)
Greek: Christian
Latin: Christian

Similar Names

Kirsty |

Related Names

Christina  (English)
A Christian, a Follower of Christ; Feminine Form of Christian. Variations: Christine; Cairistine, Cairistiona (Gaelic). Short: Ina. Pet Names: Chirsty, Chrissie, Kirstie. (Kris-tee-nah)
Ciorstaidh  (Gaelic)
A Follower of Christ; a Gaelic Form of Kirstie Which is Derived from Christine. Variations: Ciorstag, Curstaidh, Curstag. (Keers-tee)
Kirsten  (Scandinavian)
Anointed One (Kirsty, Kirstie, Kirsti)
Kirstin  (Scottish)
A Christian; a Form of the Scandinavian Kirsten, Which is Derived from Christine. Pet Forms: Kirstie, Kirsty. (Keer-stin)

Additional Names

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