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Meaning of the Name Kele

The first name Kele is of Native American origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Native American: Sparrow (Hopi)
Native American: Sparrow Hawk
Native American: Sparrow Hawk (In Hopi Indian)

Similar Names

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Related Names

Anakelea  (Hawaiian)
Masculine; Manly
Anederea  (Hawaiian)
Variant of Anakelea: Masculine; Manly
Barclay  (Scottish)
The Scottish Spelling of the English Surname Barkeley, Meaning Birch-wood or the Birch Tree Meadow
Barday  (Scottish)
From Berkeley
Berkeley  (English)
Derived from the Old English for Birch-wood. Used As a Surname More Frequently Than a First Name. Lives at the Birch Tree Meadow
Berkeley  (Anglo Saxon)
From the Birch Meadow
Berkeley  (Shakespearean)
'King Richard the Second' Earl Berkeley. 'King Richard Iii' a Gentleman Attending on Lady Anne
Berkeley  (Irish)
The Birch Tree Meadow. Also See Barclay and Burke
Blakelee  (English)
Variant of Blakely: from the Light Meadow; from the Dark Meadow
Blakeley  (English)
Variant of Blakely: from the Light Meadow; from the Dark Meadow
Kelemen  (Hungarian)
Kelemon  (Welsh)
Legendary Daughter of Kei
Keleos  (Greek)
Kelly  (Gaelic)
Warrior (Kele, Kellen, Kelleyl
Mikele  (Hebrew)
Close to God
Mikele  (Basque)
Who is Like God
Wakeley  (English)
From Wake's Meadow

Additional Names

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