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Meaning of the Name Juan

The first name Juan is of Hebrew, Hispanic, Spanish origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Hebrew: Gift from God
Hispanic: God Has Given, Variation of John
Spanish: The Spanish Form of John: God is Gracious. Often Used in Combination With Other Names
Spanish: From the Name John

Similar Names

Jacan | Jakan | Jan | Jani | Jaquan | Jean | Jen | Jin | Jinan | Joen |

Related Names

Elvira  (Spanish)
Truth. White or Beautiful. Famous Bearers: the Heroine of Noel Coward's Play 'Blithe Spirit'; a Character in the Legend of Don Juan
Haidee  (Greek)
Modest, Well-behaved, or Caressed. Famous Bearer: Haidee Was a Character in Byron's Don Juan
Jane  (Hebrew)
God is Gracious (Jan, J'Ane, Jana, Janeen, Jayne, Janie, Jean, Jeanie, Jeanne, Joann, Johanna, Joan, Joanna, Joanne, Joni, Jonie, Juanita, Vanya)
Juana  (Hebrew)
God is Beneficent
Juana  (Spanish)
God's Gift
Juana  (Hebrew)
Gift from God
Juandalynn  (Spanish)
From Gwendolyn
Juanetta  (Spanish)
Diminutive Form of Juana Derived from John
Juanisha  (Spanish)
Diminutive Form of Juana Derived from John
Juanita  (Spanish)
Consecrated to God
Juanita  (Spanish)
Feminine Form of Juan: the Spanish Form of John: God is Gracious. God's Gift
Juanita  (Hebrew)
Gift from God
Juanita  (Hispanic)
God is Gracious, Form of Joan, Jane
Juanito  (Spanish)
Spanish Form of John 'Gracious Gift from God'
Xiu  (Chinese)
Juan Elegant, Graceful

Additional Names

Driscol | Caradawg | Rufine | Fitz Water | Neola | Laurel | Sidera | Barny | Nell | Constanzie | Madhu | Verity | Alcee | Blathma | Dabareh |