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Meaning of the Name Jock

The first name Jock is of English, Scottish, American, Hebrew origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Form of Jacob
Scottish: God is Gracious. A Diminutive of John and Influenced by Jack. Today, Jock is Commonly Used As a Nickname for Someone Who is Heavily Involved in Sports and Has Been Used in the Past As a Nickname for a
Scottish: God is Gracious;A Variant of Jack, Which is a Pet Form of John (God is Gracious). Jock is Also Bestowed As an Independent Given Name. Pet Names: Jockan, Jockie, Jocky. (Jok)
American: Short Form of Jacob or John
Hebrew: Supplanter
English: Variant of Jack: Diminutive of John: God is Gracious. During the Middle Ages, Jack Was So Common That it Was Used As a General Term for 'Man' or 'Boy'. Famous Bearer: American Actor Jack Lemmon

Similar Names

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Related Names

John  (Hebrew)
God is Merciful (Jack, Johnny, Jock, Jon, Jay, Jan, Jean, Lan, Ivan)
Seoc  (Gaelic)
God is Gracious; Gaelic Form of Jock, Which is a Variant Form of Jack, Itself a Pet Form of John. Pet Name: Seocan. (Shok)

Additional Names

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