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Meaning of the Name Jerom

The first name Jerom is of Latin origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Latin: Holy Man

Similar Names

Jaron | Jearim | Jeramy | Jeran | Jeremi | Jeremy | Jeren | Jeroen | Jeroham | Jerome |

Related Names

Geronimo  (Italian)
Italian Form of Jerome 'sacred'
Geronimo  (Greek)
Sacred Name. Variant of the Saint's Name Jerome. Th Century American Indian Geronimo Was One of the Last of the Apache Warrior Chiefs
Geronimo  (Spanish)
Spanish Form of Jerome 'sacred'
Hieronim  (Polish)
Polish Form of Jerome 'sacred'
Hieronymus  (Greek)
Variant of Jerome: Holy Name
Jerome  (Greek)
Holy Name,Ambitious, Logical, Practical,Some Think Him Obstinate,Actually
Jerome  (Greek)
Holy Name. St. Jerome (Th Century) Was Responsible for the Latin Translation of the Bible (The Vulgate). Famous Bearers: British Writer Jerome K. Jerome (-) and American Composer/Songwriter Jerome Ker
Jerome  (Latin)
Of Holy Name
Jerome  (Latin)
Variant of Hieronymus: Holy Name
Jeronimo  (Spanish)
Spanish Form of Jerome 'saved'
Jerry  (English)
A Diminutive of a Jeremiah, Jeremy, or Jerome, Also Used As an Independent Name. Also a Colloquial Term for a German Soldier. Famous Bearer: American Comedian-actor Jerry Lewis Was Born Joseph Levitch
Jerry  (Greek)
Diminutive of Jerome: Holy Name. Sacred Name

Additional Names

Garon | Arella | Ralph | Maja | Nerine | Marini | Shubha | Zayda | Glynis | Conrad | Kostya | Aarif | Antonin | Nynette | Ekaterina |