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Meaning of the Name Irving

The first name Irving is of English, Scottish, Gaelic, Celtic origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Surname Which Arose from an Old Parish in Ayrshire and an Old Parish in Dumfriesshire. The Name of the Town in Ayrshire is Thought to Be Derived from the Name of the River, Which is from the Gaelic Ia
Scottish: Handsome
Gaelic: Handsome
English: Handsome and Fair
Scottish: From the City. Friend, As a Variant of Irvin
English: Friend. See Also Ervin
Gaelic: Beautiful (Erwin, Irv, Irvin, Irvin)
Celtic: White

Related Names

Earvin  (English)
Friend. Variant of Irving
Erv  (English)
From the Name Irving
Ervin  (English)
Friend. Variant of Irving
Ervine  (English)
Friend. Variant of Irving
Erving  (English)
Friend. Variant of Irving
Erwin  (English)
From the Name Irving
Heremon  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Form of Irving

Additional Names

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