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Meaning of the Name Innes

The first name Innes is of Scottish, Irish origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Scottish: From Innes
Irish: From the River Island
Scottish: Surname Derived from the Name of a Barony in the Former County of Moray in Northeastern Scotland. Innes is Derived from the Gaelic Innis (Island). (In-nes)
Scottish: Surname (Mac) Innes, Which Originated from the Gaelic Macaonghuis (Son of Angus). Angus is the Anglicized Form of the Gaelic Aonghus and Aonghas, Which are Derived from the Element Aon (One, Choice, P

Similar Names

Ince | Inek | Inis | Iniss | Inness | Innis | Inuus | Inys | Ionnes | Inas |

Related Names

Alec  (English)
Originally a Diminutive of Alexander, Now Frequently Used As an Independent Name, Alec Became Very Popular Because of British Actor Sir Alec Guinness
Hammond  (German)
Derived from the Old German Word Haimund for House or Home Protector. A Variant of Hamo Used More Frequently As a Surname, Rather Than As a First Name. Famous Bearer: Hammond Innes
Inness  (Celtic)
From the Island
Innis  (Gaelic)
Isle (Innes, Inniss)
Ishua  (Biblical)
Plainness, Equal
Isui  (Biblical)
Plainness, Equal
MacInnes  (Scottish)
Son of the Unique Choice

Additional Names

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