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Meaning of the Name Hans

The first name Hans is of German, Scandinavian, Danish, Hebrew, Swedish, Dutch origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

German: Gift from God. God Has Been Gracious. German Variant of the Hebrew Name John
Scandinavian: God is Gracious
Danish: God's Gift
Hebrew: Gift from God
Swedish: Swedish Form of John 'Gift from God'
Dutch: Variant of John
Scandinavian: Variant of John
German: Merciful God

Similar Names

Haines | Hanes | Hank | Hanz | Heng | Hoang | Huang | Hung | Hamsa | Hang |

Related Names

Chansomps  (Native American)
Locust (Algonquin)
Gretel  (German)
Diminutive of Margaret, Meaning Pearl. Famous Bearer: Heroine of the German Folk Tale 'Hansel and Gretel'
Hanne  (Danish)
Feminine Form of Hans
Hansel  (Swedish)
Swedish Form of John 'Gift from God'
Hansel  (Scandinavian)
God is Gracious
Hansel  (Hebrew)
Gift from God
Hansen  (Dutch)
Variant of John
Hansen  (Scandinavian)
Variant of John
Hanson  (Dutch)
Variant of John
Hanson  (Scandinavian)
Variant of John
Kay  (English)
Variant of the Latin: Gaius; an Alternative Spelling of Cai. Sir Kay Was a Knight of King Arthur's Round Table. The Name Kay Also Appeared in Hans Christian Andersen's Story 'The Snow Queen'
Sahansan  (African)
Cautious Traveler
Sudhanssu  (Indian)

Additional Names

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