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Meaning of the Name Hail

The first name Hail is of Hebrew origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Hebrew: Variant of Chai: Life

Similar Names

Haele | Hal | Hale | Hali | Halil | Hall | Hallil | Hawly | Hayle | Heall |

Related Names

Abichail  (Hebrew)
Gives Joy
Abihail  (Biblical)
The Father of Strength
Ave  (Latin)
Hail, All Bow To
Benhail  (Biblical)
Son of Strength
Bered  (Biblical)
Carmichail  (Gaelic)
Son of the One Who Served Saint Michael
Chailyn  (American)
Life, Waterfall
Cinnfhail  (Gaelic)
From the Head of the Cliff
Dearbhail  (Irish)
True Desire
Devorgilla  (Scottish)
True Oath, True Testimony; an Anglicized Form of the Gaelic Diorbhail. (Deh-vor-gil-lah)
Dobhailen  (Gaelic)
Dorothy  (Scottish)
True Oath, True Testimony; an Anglicized Form of Gaelic Diorbhail
Finian  (Irish)
Fair. Finians Were Warrior-followers of 3rd Century Legendary Irish Hero Finn Mac Cumhail
Finn  (Irish)
Fair. Mythology; Finn Mac Cumhail Was Legendary Irish 3rd Century Hero Similar to the English Robin Hood. His Warrior-followers Were Named Finians
Haile  (English)
From the Name Hayley
Hailey  (English)
Field of Hay. Usually a Surname
Hailey  (English)
Haley  (Norse)
Heroine, Victorious Woman (Haile, Hallie, Hally, Halie, Hayley)
Lachlan  (Scottish)
War Like; Derived from the Gaelic Laochail
Laochailan  (Scottish)
Maichail  (Hebrew)
Gift from God
Maspann Bhaillidh  (Gaelic)
Son of the Steward
Michael  (Russian)
Who is Like God? (Mishe,Michail)
Michael  (Hebrew)
He Who is Like God (Micah, Michail, Michel, Mick, Mickey, Mike, Miguel, Mischa, Misha, Mitch)
Michail  (Russian)
Form of Michael 'Who is Like God?'
Mihail  (Bulgaria)
Who is Like God
Mikhail  (Hebrew)
Gift from God
Mikhail  (Russian)
Russian Form of Michael 'God Like'
Mikhail  (Slavic)
From the Name Michael
Phailin  (Thai)
Shail  (Hindu)
Mountain, Rock
Shaila  (Hindu)
Stone, Mountain
Shaila  (Indian)
Stone, mountain
Shailendra  (Indian)
king of mountains, Himalaya
Shailesh  (Indian)
god of mountain, Himalaya
Shailesh  (Hindu)
King of Mountain
Sreeshail  (Hindu)
King of Mountain (Shrishail)
Suhail  (Muslim)
Canopus. Name of a Star
Suhaila  (Muslim)
Canopous. Star
Suhailah  (Muslim)
Gentle. Easy
Tai  (Chinese)
From Thailand
Thai  (Vietnamese)
Person of Thailand

Additional Names

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