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Meaning of the Name Garland

The first name Garland is of French, English origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

French: Crowned in Victory 'Wreath; Prize.'
English: From the Spear Land
French: Crowned With Flowers
French: Neck- Lace of Flowers (Garlanda, Garlande)
French: Wreath of Flowers

Similar Names

Gariland |

Related Names

Dorothy  (English)
Gift of God. A Variant of Dorothea and the Most Common Form of the Name in English- Speaking Countries. Famous Bearer: the Young Heroine of 'The Wizard of Oz', Played by Judy Garland in the Film
Gajra  (Indian)
Garland of Flowers
Laura  (Latin)
From Laurel Garland, the Ancient Roman Symbol of Victory (Lari, Laureen, Laurel, Lauren, Laurette, Lori, Loralie, Loren, Loretta, Loretee, Lorna, Loree, Lorie, Lorrie)
Loren  (English)
From Laurel Garland, the Ancient Roman Symbol of Victory
Mala  (Hindu)
Necklace, Garland
Mala  (Indian)
necklace, garland
Rosalia  (Spanish)
Rose Garlands
Stephen  (English)
A Crown. A Garland; (Stee-ven)
Steven  (Greek)
Garland, Crown (Stephen, Stefan, Steve, Stevie, Stefano, Etienne, Esteban, Estevan, Stephanas, Stepan, Stepka)
Vanmala  (Hindu)
Wildflower Garland
Vanmala  (Indian)
wildflower garland

Additional Names

Kachina | Denver | Enrika | Haseena | Girflet | Dionysia | Drewe | Alphonse | Sahak | Wesley | Dwayne | Auriol | Joya | Joshua | Chelsa |