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Meaning of the Name Gala

The first name Gala is of French, English, Latin, Spanish, Norse, Scandinavian, Swedish origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

French: From Gaul
English: Festive Party. Joyful. Abbreviation of Abigail. Gael is a Term for Descendants of the Ancient Celts in Scotland; Ireland and the Isle of Man
Latin: From Gaul
Spanish: From Gaul
Norse: Lovely Voice
Scandinavian: Singer
Swedish: Singer

Similar Names

Gaal | Gael | Gail | Gaile | Gal | Galal | Gale | Gali | Gall | Galway |

Related Names

Acis  (Greek)
Lover of Galatea
Agalaia  (Greek)
Derforgala  (Irish)
Servant of Dervor
Elaine  (Arthurian Legend)
In Arthurian Legend, Elaine Was Mother to Sir Lancelot's Son Galahad
Galahad  (English)
Pure, Noble and Selfless
Galahad  (Arthurian Legend)
Son of Lancelot
Galahalt  (Arthurian Legend)
Name of a Prince
Galahault  (Arthurian Legend)
Name of a Prince
Galal  (Biblical)
A Roll, a Wheel
Galan  (Anglo Saxon)
Galan  (Greek)
Tranquil. for Years Accepted Medical Practices Were Based on the Research of Nd Century Physician Galen
Galantyne  (Arthurian Legend)
Gawain's Sword
Galatea  (Greek)
White As Milk. in Mythology Pygmalion Fell in Love With the Statue Galatia and Aphrodite Brought Her to Life for Him
Galatea  (Greek)
Galatee  (French)
Galatia  (Biblical)
White, the Color of Milk
Galatyn  (Arthurian Legend)
Gawain's Sword
Galav  (Hindu)
Name of Sage
Galaway  (Gaelic)
Of the Strange Gauls
Gurgalan  (Arthurian Legend)
A Pagan King
Mangala  (Hindu)
Auspicious, Bliss
Mangala  (Indian)
auspicious, bliss
Yogalakshmi  (Hindu)
Goddess of Wealth

Additional Names

Katarina | Augustine | Ushakiran | Ozzy | Galtero | Hakupha | Savitri | Martino | Theodora | Thorgrim | Murry | Yo | Daniele | Rygecroft | Ruck |