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Meaning of the Name Frederick

The first name Frederick is of German, Teutonic, Shakespearean origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

German: Peaceful Ruler. from the Old German Name Frithuric. Famous Bearers: Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, Prussian King Frederick the Great
Teutonic: Peace-ruler, Peace-loving, Versatile, Musical, Passionate
Teutonic: Peaceful Ruler
German: Peaceful Ruler
German: Peaceful (Fred, Fredric, Freddy, Fritz, Frederic, Eric, Rick, Ricky)
Shakespearean: 'As You Like It' Brother to Duke, and Usurper of His Dominions

Similar Names

Frederek | Frederic | Frederich | Frederico | Frederik | Fredric | Fredrick | Fredrik | Friedrich | Friedrick |

Related Names

Celia  (Shakespearean)
'As You Like It' Daughter to Frederick
Charles  (Shakespearean)
'King Henry V' Charles the Sixth, Dauphin and Afterwards King of France. 'As You Like It' Wrestler to Frederick
Federico  (Italian)
Italian Form of Frederick 'Peaceful Ruler'
Federico  (Spanish)
Spanish Form of Frederick 'Peaceful Ruler'
Fred  (Teutonic)
Variant of Frederick: Peaceful Ruler
Freddy  (German)
From the Name Frederick
Fredek  (German)
Diminutive of Frederick: Merciful Leader
Fredek  (Hungarian)
Hungarian Form of Frederick 'Peaceful Ruler'
Fredek  (Russian)
Russian Form of Frederick 'Peaceful Ruler'
Frederica  (German)
Peaceful, Feminine Form of Frederick (Fredericka, Freda)
Frederich  (German)
Variant of Frederick: Merciful Leader
Frederico  (German)
Variant of Frederick: Merciful Leader
Frederik  (German)
Variant of Frederick: Merciful Leader
Freed  (English)
Form of Frederick
Frieda  (German)
A Feminine Form of Frederick. Famous Bearer: the Twentieth Century German Wife of British Writer D. H. Lawrence
Friedrich  (German)
Variant of Frederick: Merciful Leader
Friedrick  (German)
Nickname Variant of Frederick 'Peaceful Ruler.'
Fritz  (German)
Contraction of Frederick
Fryderyk  (Polish)
Polish Form of Frederick 'Peaceful Ruler'
Le Beau  (Shakespearean)
'As You Like It' a Courtier Attending Upon Frederick

Additional Names

Ijon | Elishia | Jillian | Salwa | Emmalyn | Lynda | Sarita | Fatik | Abiola | Kyna | Leonide | Sol | Neacal | Haduwig | Nadab |