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Meaning of the Name Fergus

The first name Fergus is of Scottish, Celtic, Gaelic, Celtic/Gaelic, Irish origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Scottish: A Valor or Strength; a Typical Scottish Name Which is the Anglicized Form of the Gaelic Fearghas, a Compound Name Composed of the Elements Fear (Man) and Ghas (Valor, Strength). Pet Names: Fergie. (Fe
Scottish: First Choice; Man of Strength
Celtic: Man of Strength, Masterful, Sincere, Virile
Gaelic: Manly (Ferguson)
Celtic: Manly
Celtic/Gaelic: Manly
Gaelic: Rock. Also a Variant of 'Fearghas', Derived from the Celtic for 'Man' and 'Choice'
Irish: Variant of Fearghall: Courageous Man

Similar Names

Fearghus | Feargus | Fercos | Ferghus | Fergie | Ferris |

Related Names

Fearghas  (Scottish)
Compound Name Composed from the Gaelic Fear (Man) and Ghas, Gus (Valor, Strength). Anglicization: Fergus. (Fer-gus)
Fergie  (Gaelic)
Diminutive of Fergus: Rock. Also a Variant of 'Fearghas', Derived from the Celtic for 'Man' and 'Choice'
Ferguson  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Son of Fergus
Ferguson  (Scottish)
Son of the First Choice
Fergusson  (Scottish)
Son of the First Choice
Ferris  (Scottish)
Variant of Fergus: Best Choice

Additional Names

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