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Meaning of the Name Ewan

The first name Ewan is of Irish, Greek, Welsh, Celtic/Gaelic, Celtic, Scottish, English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Irish: Variant of Eoghan: God's Gift. from a Gaelic Word for Youth. Also a Variant of Eugene
Greek: Variant of Eugene: Well-born. Famous Bearer: Prince Eugene of Savoy; American Playwright Eugene O'Neill
Welsh: Variant of Evan: God is Good
Celtic/Gaelic: Young Warrior
Celtic: Young
Scottish: Youth
English: Youth; an Anglicized Form of the Gaelic Eoghan (Youth). Variations: Ewen. (Yoo-an)

Similar Names

Eaman | Eman | Enam | Enan | Enon | Eoin | Euan | Euen | Eunan | Ewen |

Related Names

Dewan  (Islamic)
Royal Court, Tribunal of Justice (Diwan)
Eoghan  (Scottish)
Youth; an Ancient Name Thought to Be Derived from Eoghunn (Youth). Anglicizatons: Euan, Ewan, Evan, Hugh. Variations: Eoghann. (Eh-vahn)
Euan  (Scottish)
Variant of Ewan: Youth
Euen  (Scottish)
Variant of Ewan: Youth
Evan  (Welsh)
Young Warrior (Ev, Even, Evin, Ewan, Owen)
Ewen  (Scottish)
Variant of Ewan: Youth
Keon  (Irish)
Form of Ewan from John
Lewanna  (Hebrew)
The Moon
Owynn  (Welsh)
Wellborn. Form of Ewan

Additional Names

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