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Meaning of the Name Ettie

The first name Ettie is of Latin, English, Persian, French origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Latin: Abbreviation for Henrietta and Harriette
English: Diminutive of Esther, Harriette, or Henrietta, Sometimes Used As an Independent Name
Persian: Diminutive of Esther: Star. Refers to the Planet Venus. Also Myrtle Leaf. Also a Variant of Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess of Love. Famous Bearer: Old Testament Ester, Who Became a Th Century Queen of
French: Diminutive of Henrietta: Keeper of the Hearth. Rules Her Household. from Henriette, the French Feminine Form of Henry

Similar Names

Eddie | Edie | Etta | Etty | Eydie |

Related Names

Aldana  (Hispanic)
The Prettiest. Combination of Alda and Ana
Esther  (Persian)
Star, Meditative, Silent, Composed.(Esta, Essie, Estella, Estelle, Ester, Herter, Hettie, Hetty)
Henrietta  (English)
Ruler of an Enclosure, Home Ruler; Derived from the English Henrietta Which is Again Derived from the French Henriette, a Feminine Diminutive Form of Henri. Pet: Hattie, Hettie. (Hen-ree-eh-tah)
Hettie  (French)
From Henrietta. Rules Her Household
Lettie  (Latin)
Nettie  (Teutonic)
Yettie  (African)

Additional Names

Lucy | Set | Yannis | Orson | Ozias | Donovan | Aeetes | Patricia | Aindrea | Garadun | Cushan | Karen | Spalding | Stephen | Martuska |