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Meaning of the Name Elbert

The first name Elbert is of Teutonic, English, German origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Teutonic: Nobly Intelligent
English: Noble
German: Bright; Famous

Similar Names

Elberta | Elberte |

Related Names

Adelbert  (German)
Intelligent or Noble
Adelbert  (Teutonic)
Adelbert  (Teutonic)
Mentally Brilliant
Adelbert  (Hungarian)
Bright or Noble
Aethelbert  (Anglo Saxon)
Name of a King
Aethelbert  (English)
Noble or Bright
Delbert  (English)
Bright Day; Sunny Day; Proud; Noble
Delbert  (English)
Bright Like Daytime
Elberta  (Teutonic)
Elberta  (English)
Noble or Glorious
Elberta  (Teutonic)
Elberte  (English)
Noble or Glorious
Elbertina  (Spanish)
Elbertina  (English)
Noble or Glorious
Elbertine  (English)
Noble or Glorious
Elbertyna  (English)
Noble or Glorious
Engelbert  (German)
Bright As an Angel
Engelbertha  (German)
Bright Angel
Engelbertina  (German)
Bright Angel
Engelbertine  (German)
Bright Angel Note: 'This Database is Copyright Muse Creations Inc. '
Ethelbert  (English)
Splendid. from the Old English Name Aethelbeorht, Meaning Noble and Bright. Famous Bearers: Two English Kings of the Th and Th Centuries
Ethelbert  (Anglo Saxon)
Name of a King
Felberta  (English)
Giselbert  (English)
Ingelbert  (German)
Bright Angel
Inglebert  (German)
Variant of Engelbert: Bright As an Angel

Additional Names

Akub | Konstancji | Blythe | Brit | Yoosuf | Oilell | Silsby | Pleoh | Butras | Afif | Leia | Minna | Kade | Rosalinda | Jomei |