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Meaning of the Name Dutch

The first name Dutch is of German, Scandinavian origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

German: A German
Scandinavian: From the Netherlands

Similar Names

Deutsch | Duach | Duc | Duoc | Deoch | Duci | Duscha |

Related Names

Anika  (Dutch)
Dutch Form of Anne
Anke  (Dutch)
Dutch Form of Anne
Anki  (Dutch)
Dutch Form of Anne
Blyde  (English)
Joy. Origin: Dutch
Bram  (Dutch)
A Dutch Diminutive of Abraham, Meaning 'Father of a Multitude' Famous Bearer: Bram Stoker, Th Century Irish Author of Dracula
Dirck  (Dutch)
Dutch Forms of Theodoric
Dirk  (Dutch)
A Diminutive of Derek Meaning People Ruler. Famous Bearer: British Actor Dirk Bogarde. A Dutch Forms of Theodoric
Elmo  (Dutch)
Abbreviation of Erasmus Who Was a Noted Dutch Scholar
Fleming  (English)
Dutch Man
Flemming  (Danish)
Jen  (Dutch)
Dutch Form of John
Mahault  (Dutch)
Dutch Form of Matilda
Marieke  (English)
Marie-ka is a Song About a River in Holland (By Judy Collins). Origin: Dutch
Van  (Dutch)
Of. The Dutch Equivalent of 'De' in French Names. Some Early Immigrants to America Who Dropped This Prefix from Their Surnames Converted it to a Given Name
Von  (German)
The Prefex 'Von' is Equivalent of 'Van' in Dutch Names and of 'De' in French Names

Additional Names

Uthai | Lukasz | Ameya | Doyle | Ania | Ronan | Anluan | Proteus | Obayana | Marlayna | Kamelia | Gryta | Kelli | Enzo | Dory |