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Meaning of the Name Dura

The first name Dura is of Biblical origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Biblical: Generation, Habitation
Biblical: Generation, Habitation

Similar Names

Dar | Dara | Darah | Daray | Dare | Darra | Dary | D'Ary | Dor | Dour |

Related Names

Dante  (Latin)
Variant of Durand: Enduring
Dante  (Italian)
A Diminutive of Durante, the Italian Form of Durand Meaning Enduring. Famous Bearer: the Poet Dante Alighieri Wrote 'The Divine Comedy' With Its Graphic Description of Medieval Hell Known As 'Dante's
Duran  (Latin)
Duran  (English)
Firm; Enduring
Duran  (French)
Firm; Enduring
Durand  (Latin)
A Lasting Friend
Durand  (Latin)
Endures; Lasts
Durand  (English)
Firm; Enduring
Durand  (French)
Firm; Enduring
Durango  (French)
Duranjaya  (Indian)
a heroic son
Durant  (English)
Firm; Enduring
Durant  (Latin)
Variant of Durand: Endures; Lasts
Durant  (French)
Firm; Enduring
Durante  (Italian)
Enduring. The Italian Form of the Latin Durand
Durante  (English)
Firm; Enduring
Durante  (French)
Firm; Enduring
Ethanael  (American)
God Given Endurance
Panduranga  (Indian)
one with pale white complexion
Sabri  (Islamic)
Patience, Endurance
Steele  (English)
Hard; Durable

Additional Names

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