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Meaning of the Name Dena

The first name Dena is of Native American, Hebrew, English origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Native American: A Valley
Native American: Valley
Hebrew: Valley or Vindicated
English: Combination of Deana (Divine) and Dina (From the Valley; Avenged)
Hebrew: Avenged

Similar Names

Dan | Dana | Dane | Dani | Dann | Dano | Dany | Danya | Dean | Deane |

Related Names

Adena  (Hispanic)
Delicate, Small
Adena  (Hebrew)
Adena  (Hebrew)
Almundena  (Spanish)
Refers to the Virgin Mary
Andena  (English)
Feminine of Andrea
Ardena  (Celtic)
Lofty. Eager
Ardena  (English)
Lofty. Eager
Birdena  (English)
Contemporary Name Meaning Little Bird
Cadena  (English)
Cadence  (Latin)
Rhythmic Flow (Cadena, Cadenza, Kadena)
Cullodena  (Scottish)
From the Broken Mossy Ground
Danae  (Greek)
Mythological: the Mother of Perseus. (Dee, Denae, Dene)
Denae  (Greek)
Form of Danae; the Mythological Mother of Perseus by Zeus
Denali  (Hindu)
Great One
Denay  (Greek)
Form of Danae; the Mythological Mother of Perseus by Zeus
Edena  (Hawaiian)
Form of Edna
Jardena  (Hebrew)
Female of Jordan
Madena  (Spanish)
Bitter; Woman from Magdala. Variant of Madeleine
Yardenah  (Hebrew)
From the River Jordan

Additional Names

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