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Meaning of the Name Delia

The first name Delia is of Greek, Celtic, German, Welsh origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Greek: Goddess of the Moon
Greek: Greek Island
Greek: Goddess of the Moon
Greek: From the Name Cordelia
Greek: From Delos. Derived from the Name Delos, the Greek Island Where Apollo and the Goddess Artemis are Believed to Have Been Born. Also an Abbreviation of Cordelia and Adelia
Celtic: Diminutive of Bedelia: a Variant of Bridget, Who Was the Mythic Celtic Goddess of Fire and Poetry
German: Diminutive of Adela: Pleasant; of the Nobility. Noble. from the Old German 'Athal' Meaning Noble, Introduced into Britain During the Norman Conquest. Adela Was the Name of One of King William I's Daug
Welsh: Dark

Similar Names

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Related Names

Adelia  (French)
Of the Nobility. Noble
Ardelia  (English)
Audelia  (English)
Nobility; Strength
Bedelia  (Celtic)
A Variant of Bridget, Who Was the Mythic Celtic Goddess of Fire and Poetry
Bedelia  (Irish)
A Variant of Bridget, Meaning the High One or Strength. Famous Bearer: Th Century Irish Abbess Brigid )Known As St Bridget or St Bride) Founded Ireland's First Women's Religious Community
Bidelia  (Celtic/Gaelic)
High One
Bidelia  (Irish)
Cordelia  (Celtic)
Of the Sea
Cordelia  (Welsh)
Jewel of the Sea
Cordelia  (English)
In Shakespeare's King Lear a Woman of Rare Honesty
Cordelia  (Celtic)
Daughter of the Sea, Modest, Diligent, Prudent
Cordelia  (English)
Daughter of the Sea
Cordelia  (Shakespearean)
'Tragedy of King Lear' Daughter to King Lear
Fedella  (Latin)
From Fedelia or Fidel-faithful
Fidelia  (Latin)
Feminine Form of Fidel, Meaning Faithful. from 'Fidelis'
Fidelia  (Spanish)
Fidelia  (Hispanic)
Madelia  (Greek)
High Tower
Odelia  (Greek)
I Will Praise God
Odelia  (Anglo Saxon)
Little Wealthy One
Odelia  (Teutonic)

Additional Names

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