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Meaning of the Name Dave

The first name Dave is of Scottish, Welsh, Hebrew origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Scottish: Diminutive of David: Beloved or Friend, Adopted from the Hebrew. David Was a Common Name of Scottish Kings in the Middle Ages
Welsh: Diminutive of David: Beloved or Friend, from the Hebrew. Sixth Century St David (Or Dewi) Was Patron Saint of Wales
Hebrew: Diminutive of David: Cherished; Beloved
Hebrew: From the Name David

Similar Names

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Related Names

Daveed  (Hebrew)
Variant of David: Cherished. Famous Bearers: British Pop Star David Bowie, American Talk-show Host David Letterman
Daveen  (English)
Beloved. Feminine of David
Daveigh  (American)
Daven  (Scandinavian)
Bright Finn
Daveney  (French)
Name of a Town and Castle in Flanders. Also a Rhyming Variant of Daphne
Daveon  (English)
Variant of David 'Beloved.'
Davesh  (Hindu)
Uncertain Meaning
Davet  (French)
Davey  (Hebrew)
Dearly Loved
Davey  (Irish)
Variant of David 'Beloved.'

Additional Names

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