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Meaning of the Name Dain

The first name Dain is of Norse, Scandinavian, English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Norse: A Mythical Dwarf or from Denmark
Scandinavian: From Denmark
English: Variant of Dane: Brook. Also from the Surname Dane, Meaning 'From Denmark.'

Similar Names

Daa'im | Daimen | Daimh | Daimon | Daine | Daman | Damen | Damh | Damian | Damien |

Related Names

Adain  (Welsh)
Adin  (Biblical)
Adorned; Voluptuous; Dainty
Adina  (Biblical)
Adorned; Voluptuous; Dainty
Bhradain  (Scottish)
Daina  (English)
From Denmark. Also a Variant of Daniel
Daine  (French)
Surnames Meaning 'From Denmark.'
Daine  (English)
Variant of Dane 'From Denmark.'
Dane  (English)
From the Denmark (Dain)
Ella  (Teutonic)
Elf Friend, Capricious, Dainty, Unaffected
Gordain  (Scottish)
Gordain  (Gaelic)
Houdain  (Arthurian Legend)
Tristan's Dog
Ivy  (Teutonic)
Clinging, Tenacious, Dainty, Irresistible
Jordain  (Hebrew)
Variant of Hebrew Jordan: Down Flowing
Jordain  (English)
Variant of Hebrew Jordan 'Down Flowing.'
Jourdain  (Shakespearean)
'Henry Vi, Part ' Margery Jourdain, a Witch
Jourdaine  (English)
Variant of Hebrew Jordan 'Down Flowing.'
Jourdaine  (Hebrew)
Variant of Hebrew Jordan 'Down Flowing.'
Margery  (Shakespearean)
'Henry Vi, Part ' Margery Jourdain, a Witch
Pansy  ()
From the Plant, Sensitive, Dainty, Talkative, Cheerful Character and Attractive
Riordain  (Irish)
Tryphena  (Greek)
Dainty; Delicate

Additional Names

Hassan | Derinow | Huo | Barrie | Denzel | Alick | MacCormack | Yanaba | Ulik | Blaed | Carlene | Duer | Noeleen | Talbot | Alexina |