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Meaning of the Name Cooper

The first name Cooper is of English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: A Barrel Maker
English: Barrel Maker
English: One That Makes or Repairs Wooden Casks or Tub

Similar Names

Casper |

Related Names

Anirudhha  (Indian)
Anirudhha  (Indian)
Barak  (Hebrew)
Flash of Lightning. in the Bible the Valiant Fighting Man Barak Cooperated With the Prophetess Deborah to Win Victory in Battle Against Overwhelming Odds
Bednar  (Czechoslovakian)
Coopersmith  (English)
Barrel Maker
Gary  (English)
Hard or Bold Spear. A Diminutive of Garret, Which is an English Variant of the German Gerard. Also a Diminutive of Gareth and Garrick Famous Bearer: American Actor Gary Cooper
Gladys  (Welsh)
Derived from the Old Welsh Name Gwladys, a Variant of Claudia, Meaning Lame. Also Derived from the Welsh 'Gwledig', Meaning Territorial Ruler. Famous Bearer: British Actress Dame Gladys Cooper
Keefer  (German)
Barrelmaker Variant of Cooper. Surname
Keifer  (German)
Barrelmaker Variant of Cooper. Surname
Kiefer  (German)
Barrelmaker Variant of Cooper. Surname

Additional Names

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