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Meaning of the Name Chip

The first name Chip is of English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Diminutive of Charles: Man (From the Old English 'Ceorl'). Famous Bearers: American Movie Star Charles Bronson; British Prince Charles; Evolutionist Charles Darwin
English: Chipping Sparrow

Similar Names

Chap | Chepe | Chev | Chapa | Chepi | Chipo |

Related Names

Abedabun  (Native American)
Sight of Day (Chippewa)
Abequa  (Native American)
Stays at Home (Chippewa)
Abeque  (Native American)
Stays at Home (Chippewa)
Archippus  (Biblical)
A Master of Horses
Ayasha  (Native American)
Little One (Chippewa)
Ayashe  (Native American)
Little One (Chippewa)
Bagwunagijik  (Native American)
Variant of Buegoneguig: Chippewa Name Meaning Hole in the Sky
Buegoneguig  (Native American)
Chippewa Name Meaning Hole in the Sky
Chipo  (African)
A Gift
Chipo  (African)
Chuchip  (Native American)
Deer Spirit (Hopi)
Keezheekoni  (Native American)
Burning Fire (Chippewa)
Kiwidinok  (Native American)
Of the Wind (Chippewa)
Meoquanee  (Native American)
Wears Red (Chippewa)
Migisi  (Native American)
Eagle (Chippewa)
Namid  (Native American)
Star Dancer (Chippewa)
Nokomis  (Native American)
Grandmother (Chippewa)
Odahingum  (Native American)
Rippling Water (Chippewa)
Ominotago  (Native American)
Beautiful Voice (Chippewa)
Pruthviling  (Hindu)
Shivalinga at Kanchipuram
Sheshebens  (Native American)
Small Duck (Chippewa)

Additional Names

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