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Meaning of the Name Camp

The first name Camp is of Scottish, Gaelic origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Scottish: Crooked Mouth
Gaelic: Diminutive of Campbell: Crooked Mouth

Related Names

Cam  (Gaelic)
Diminutive of Campbell: Crooked Mouth; and of Cameron: Bent Nose; Crooked River
CampbeIl  (Gaelic)
Crooked Mouth
Campbell  (Gaelic)
Crooked Mouth
Campbell  (Scottish)
Derived from a Scottish Surname Based on the Gaelic Meaning Crooked Mouth. Campbell is Used Occasionally As a First Name in Scotland, and in Families of Scottish Descent in Other Parts of the World
Campbell  (French)
From the Beautiful Field
Campbell  (Scottish)
Used As a Surname Originated from the Gaelic Nickname Cam Beul (Crooked Mouth). Variations: Cam,Camey
Caster  (English)
From the Roman Camp
Ceaster  (English)
Lives at the Camp
Ceastun  (English)
Cheslav  (Russian)
Lives in a Strong Camp
Cheslav  (Russian)
Lives in a Fortified Camp
Chess  (English)
Camp of the Soldiers
Chester  (English)
A Fortress, Camp
Chester  (Latin)
Chester  (English)
From an English Surname and Place Name, But Ultimately Based on the Latin 'Castra' Meaning Camp. Famous People: American President Chester A. Arthur
Cheston  (English)
Chet  (English)
A Fortress, Camp
Chet  (English)
Camp of the Soldiers
Cilombo  (African)
Camp by the Road
Glen  (Gaelic)
Derived from the Gaelic 'Gleana', Meaning Valley. Used Both As a Surname and Given Name. Famous Bearer: American Singer Glen Campbell
Hippocampus  (Latin)
Neptune's Horse
Hippocampus  (Greek)
A Horse of Poseidon
Karpur  (Hindu)
Kester  (English)
From the Roman Camp
Kester  (Latin)
From the Roman Camp
Leicester  (Latin)
From the Legion's Camp
Lester  (Latin)
From the Legion's Camp
Lindsay  (English)
Camp by the Brook (Linsay, Linsey, Lindsey)
Lyndsey  (English)
Camp Near Stream
Medina  (Arabic)
City of the Prophet. in Medina Mohammed Began His Campaign to Establish Islam
Pityocamptes  (Greek)
Pine Bender
Rochester  (Teutonic)
Stone Encampment (Chester, Chet, Rock)
Stands  (Czechoslovakian)
Camp Glory
Stanislas  (Polish)
Glorious Camp
Stanislaus  (Slavic)
Camp Glory
Stanislaus  (Polish)
Variant of Stanislas: Glorious Camp
Stanislav  (Czechoslovakian)
Camp Glory
Stanislav  (Slavic)
Glory of the Camp
Tabor  (Hungarian)
Wireceaster  (English)
From the Alder Forest Army Camp
Wolsey  (Shakespearean)
'King Henry the Eighth' Cardinal Campeius
Worcester  (English)
From the Alder Forest Army Camp
Yaawar  (Muslim)
Variant of Yawar: Adjutant. Aid-de Camp
Yawar  (Muslim)
Adjutant. Aid-de Camp

Additional Names

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