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Meaning of the Name Caly

The first name Caly is of Irish origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Irish: Slender

Similar Names

Cael | Cal | Calah | Cale | Caley | Cauley | Cawley | Cayla | Cayle | Chal |

Related Names

Apocalypse  (Biblical)
Uncovering, Revelation
Apocalypse  (Biblical)
Uncovering, Revelation
Calybe  (Latin)
A Nymph
Calyce  (Latin)
Mother of Cycnus
Calydona  (Latin)
From Calydon
Calynda  (Italian)
Calynda  (Greek)
Calynda  (English)
Contemporary Blend of the Italian/Greek Calandra With Linda
Calynn  (Gaelic)
Powerful in Battle
Calypso  (Latin)
A Nymph
Calypso  (Greek)
An Orchid, One Who is Full of Gladness and Gaiety
Calypso  (Greek)
Sea Nymph
Calypso  (Greek)
The Mythological Nymph Who Beguiled Odysseus for Seven Years. A West Indies Style of Singing. Daughter of Atlas
Calysta  (Greek)
Most Beautiful. Calista Was a Mythological Arcadian Who Transformed into a She-bear, Then into the Great Bear Constellation
Jacalyn  (French)
Feminine of Jacques Derived from James and Jacob. Supplanter. She Grasps the Heel
Oeneus  (Greek)
King of Calydon
Ortygia  (Greek)
Calypso's Island

Additional Names

Ernestine | Angelo | Mutia | Benjamin | Hermione | Goran | Yalens | Eileen | Lamonte | Kanaka | Dexter | Annika | Maitreya | Clarimonde | Arnoldo |