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Meaning of the Name Berta

The first name Berta is of Swedish, English, Celtic, Teutonic, German, Spanish, Czechoslovakian, Hungarian origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Swedish: Intelligent
English: Variant of Bertha: from Old English Beorht Meaning Bright. in Use Since the Norman Conquest. in World War I a German Howitzer Was Nicknamed Big Bertha
Celtic: Splendid
Teutonic: Sparkling
Teutonic: Noble, Outstanding, Brilliant
German: Intelligent
Spanish: Bright
Czechoslovakian: Bright
Hungarian: Brave

Similar Names

Bart | Barta | Barth | Barto | Berde | Berdy | Bered | Berith | Bert | Berth |

Related Names

Alberta  (English)
Feminine Form of Albert from the Old German Adalbert Meaning Noble and Bright. The Canadian Province Alberta Was Named for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's Daughter Princess Louise Alberta, Who Was
Alberta  (Hungarian)
Bright or Noble
Alberta  (Teutonic)
Noble, Brilliant, Outstanding
Alberta  (German)
Noble, Bright. Feminine of Albert
Alberta  (Teutonic)
Feminine Form of Albert: Intelligent or Noble
Alberta  (English)
Noble, Bright
Aliberta  (Hispanic)
Brilliant (Alberto, Aliberto)
Auberta  (French)
Feminine Variant of Albert
Auberta  (Teutonic)
Auberta  (Latin)
Noble, Bright
Bobbi  (English)
Modern Diminutive of Roberta and Barbara
Eberta  (Teutonic)
Egberta  (English)
Shining Sword
Elberta  (Teutonic)
Elberta  (English)
Noble or Glorious
Elberta  (Teutonic)
Engleberta  (German)
Bright Angel
Felberta  (English)
Felisberta  (German)
Filberta  (English)
Gilberta  (Scottish)
Feminine Form of Gilbert: Derived from the Name Gilbride, Meaning 'servant of St. Bridget'
Gilberta  (German)
Gilberta  (Teutonic)
Hrothberta  (English)
Bright or Famous
Huberta  (German)
Huberta  (Teutonic)
Libertas  (Latin)
Norberta  (German)
Bright Heroine
Norberta  (Norse)
Philberta  (English)
Roberta  (Teutonic)
Famous (Bobbie, Robbie, Berta)
Roberta  (English)
Roberta  (English)
Femenine Form of Robert, Brilliant
Roberta  (German)
Feminine Form of Robert: Famed, Bright; Shining. an All-time Favorite Boys' Name Since the Middle Ages. Famous Bearers: Scottish National Hero Robert the Bruce and Novelist Robert Ludlum
Roberta  (Teutonic)
Sparkling Fame
Thorberta  (Norse)
Brilliance of Thor
Torberta  (Norse)
Brilliance of Thor

Additional Names

Bryanna | Starls | Achsah | Curcio | Duante | Chauncey | Krystalynn | Georg | Hovan | Manini | Carlin | Marco | Bryceton | Rorik | Renard |