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Meaning of the Name Avery

The first name Avery is of Anglo Saxon, French, English origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Anglo Saxon: Rules the Elves
French: Rules With Elf-wisdom
English: Counselor; Sage; Wise
English: Ruler of the Elves
English: Nobility
English: Feminine Form of Avery: Counselor; Sage; Wise

Similar Names

Aubry | Avaro | Avari | Avera | Avira |

Related Names

Averyl  (English)
Variant of Averill: Fighting Boar
Averyl  (Latin)
Averyl  (English)
Born in April
Averyll  (English)
Variant of Averill: Fighting Boar
Cauvery  (Indian)
same as Cavery- name of a river
Dung  (Vietnamese)
Everhardt  (German)
Variant of Eberhard: Boar's Bravery
Everhart  (German)
Variant of Eberhard: Boar's Bravery
Gifford  (English)
Gift of Bravery
Gifuhard  (English)
Gift of Bravery
Joseph  (Hebrew)
May Jehovah Add/Give Increase. St Joseph of Arimathea Undertook the Burial of Jesus (In Holy Grail Lore). in the Bible Joseph Was Sold by His Brothers into Slavery and Later Rose to Become a Supreme P
Parakram  (Hindu)
Bravery, Prowess
Paurush  (Hindu)
Shuja'at  (Muslim)
Bravery. Courage
Shujaa'at  (Muslim)
Variant of Shuja'At: Bravery. Courage
Valora  (Latin)
Vlora  (American)

Additional Names

Hausis | Margery | Nastasiya | Eileen | Joab | Darence | Lukas | Kritivarma | Avinoam | Cara | Cory | Eleanora | Vemita | Aeacus | Esbjorn |