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Meaning of the Name Annis

The first name Annis is of English, Scottish, Anglo Saxon, Greek origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: From Agnes
Scottish: Pure, Chaste; Form of Agnes. Variations: Annice, Annys. (An-nis)
Anglo Saxon: Unity
English: Variant of Anne or Agnes
Greek: Variant of the Greek Agnes, Poor, Pure, or Chaste. St. Agnes Was a 3rd Century Christian Martyr Whose January St Feast Day is Described in Keats' Poem 'The Eve of St Agnes'

Similar Names

Ananias | Anas | Anees | Anguis | Angus | Anis | Anish | Annas | Anwas | Anais |

Related Names

Abellona  (Danish)
Alannis  (Greek)
From Atlanta
Annissa  (English)
Form of Ann
Annissa  (English)
Variant of Anne or Agnes
Anttiri  (Finnish)
Francesca  (Italian)
Derived from the Latin Frances Meaning French, or Free One. Famous Bearer: Th Century Roman Noblewoman St Francesca Romana (St Frances of Rome), British Actress Francesca Annis
Jannis  (English)
Variant of Jane
Linka  (Hungarian)
Mannis  (Gaelic)
Searlait  (Irish)
Feminine Form of Charles: Mannish, Manly
Tannis  (Greek)
Hide Tanner
Yannis  (Hebrew)
Gift of God

Additional Names

Konni | Iim | Uri | Havilah | Fawna | Samirah | Marcia | Amal | Godfrey | Alida | Nazahah | Roma | Colin | Pau | Giles |