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Meaning of the Name Anice

The first name Anice is of Scottish origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Scottish: Scottish Form of Ann: Grace

Similar Names

Anis | Anish | Amice | Ance | Anci | Ange | Angie | Anica | Anicka | Anika |

Related Names

Canice  (Irish)
Good-looking; Handsome
Canice  (Scottish)
Handsome, Comey; a Borrowing from the Irish, Canice is an Anglicized Form of the Gaelic Coinneach (Handsome, Comely)
Coinneach  (Scottish)
Handsome, Comely; Derived from an Old Gaelic Nickname Meaning 'Handsome, Comely.' the Name is Anglicized As Canice and Kenneth
Coinneach  (Irish)
Variant of Canice: Good-looking; Handsome
Danice  (English)
Feminine Variant of Daniel: God Will Judge
Denice  (French)
Feminine Form of Dennis (Danice, Danyce, Deeny, Deenie, Denese, Dennie, Denyce)
Ganice  (Hebrew)
Janice  (English)
Variant of Janis: God Has Been Gracious. A Feminine Form of John. Famous Bearer: American Singer Janis Joplin
Janice  (Hebrew)
God's Grace (Janis, Jan, Janet, Janette)
Janice  (Hebrew)
God is Gracious
Janice  (Hebrew)
Gift from God
Jeanice  (French)
Variant of John. God is Gracious
Lanice  (English)
Variant of Lana. Fair; Good-looking
Ranice  (Hebrew)
Lovely Tune
Ranita  (Hebrew)
Rose (Ranice, Ranit, Ranith, Ranitta)

Additional Names

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