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Meaning of the Name Anders

The first name Anders is of Scandinavian, Greek, Swedish, English, Danish origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Scandinavian: Manly; Brave. Variant of English Andrew
Greek: Son of Ander
Swedish: Strong
English: Variant of Andrew: Brave; Manly. Famous Bearer: Prince Andrew
Danish: Danish Form of Andrew

Similar Names

Andras | Andreas | Andreis | Andres | Andreus | Anteros |

Related Names

Anderson  (Scandinavian)
Manly; Brave. Variant of English Andrew
Anderson  (Greek)
Son of Ander
Anderson  (Norse)
Son of Ander
Anderson  (Scottish)
Son of Andrew
Daveney  (French)
Name of a Town and Castle in Flanders. Also a Rhyming Variant of Daphne
Eurayle  (Greek)
Wanders Far
Fleming  (Anglo Saxon)
From Flanders
Gillanders  (Scottish)
Servant of St. Andrew; Derived from the Gaelic Gille Ainndreis and Gille Anndrais (Servant of St. Andrew). (Gil-an- Derz)
Igasho  (Native American)
Kay  (English)
Variant of the Latin: Gaius; an Alternative Spelling of Cai. Sir Kay Was a Knight of King Arthur's Round Table. The Name Kay Also Appeared in Hans Christian Andersen's Story 'The Snow Queen'
Landers  (French)
From the Grassy Plain
Landers  (English)
Rough Land
Sanders  (English)
Alexander's Son
Sanders  (Greek)
Defender of Man
Sanders  (Greek)
Son of Alexander
Sanders  (English)
Alexander's Son (Sanderson, Sander, Saunders, Saunderson)
Sanderson  (English)
Alexander's Son
Sanderson  (Greek)
Diminutive of Alexander: Defender of Men; Protector of Mankind
Toi  (Biblical)
Who Wanders
Toi  (Biblical)
Who Wanders
Vanda  (Polish)
Polish Form of Wanda: Wanders
Wendel  (German)

Additional Names

Gorane | Roel | Abdul Magid | Etham | Caphtor | Rowland | Stroud | Ela | Bilal | Irina | Iftikhaar | Fath | Luvena | Stanfeld | Mady |