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Meaning of the Name Anda

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The first name Anda is of English, Japanese origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Abbreviation of Andrea
Japanese: Meet at the Field. A Japanese Surname

Similar Names

Amada | Amd | Amdt | Anad | Ananda | Ande | Andi | Andy | Ante | Amanda |

Related Names

Aandaleeb  (Hindu)
Abhinandan  (Hindu)
Handsome Son, Congratulatory Greetings
Abhinandana  (Hindu)
Happiness, Good Wishes
Abhivandan  (Hindu)
Salutation With Respect
Aedon  (Greek)
Daughter of Pandareos
Akiiki  (African)
Friend. (Ugandan)
Alaknanda  (Hindu)
Alaknanda  (Indian)
Alandair  (Greek)
Variant of Alexander: Defender of Men. Alexander the Great Was a Macedonian King for Whom the Egyptian City of Alexandria is Named. Eight Popes and Three Russian Emperors Have Been Named Alexander
Alsandair  (Irish)
Defender of Man
Alsandair  (Greek)
Variant of Alexander: Defender; Protector of Mankind. Famous Bearer: Alexander the Great
Alsandare  (Greek)
Variant of Alexander: Defender; Protector of Mankind. Famous Bearer: Alexander the Great
Alvis  (Scandinavian)
Origin Uncertain, But May Be from Scandanavian Meaning All-wise. Alvis Occurs in Norse Mythology, and As the Name of the Alvis Motor Car
Amalasanda  (German)
Amanda  (Latin)
Lovable, Worthy of Love. Some Scholars Believe This Name Was Invented by British Dramatist Colley Cibber Who Gave it to a Character in His Play 'Love's Last Shift.' Noel Coward Later Named a Character
Amanda  (Latin)
Deserving of Great Love
Amanda  (Spanish)
Amanda  (English)
Worthy of Being Loved. Literary; Poets and Playwrights Brought This Name into Popular Usage in the Seventeenth Century
Amanda  (Irish)
Worthy of Love
Amanda  (Latin)
Worthy of Love
Amanda  (English)
Worthy of Love; Loveable; Thoughtful and Wise
Amaranda  (Greek)
Ananda  (African American)
Worthy of Love
Ananda  (Hindu)
Blissful, Happiness
Ananda  (Hindu)
Ananda  (Indian)
A Half Brother of Buddha
Anandamohan  (Hindu)
Sri Krishna
Anandaram  (Hindu)
Sri Ram
Anandavardhan  (Hindu)
One Who Increases
Armanda  (Spanish)
Feminine of Armando
Atyaananda  (Hindu)
Full of Joy
Bandah  (Islamic)
Bartram  (Danish)
Glorious Raven. The Raven Was Consecrated to the Norse War God Odin and Was the Emblem of the Danish Royal Standard
Bestandan  (Anglo Saxon)
Stands Beside
Bhagwandas  (Indian)
Serves God
Blanda  (Latin)
Branda  (English)
Variant of the Beverage Brandy Used As a Given Name
Brandais  (Dutch)
Burnt Wine
Brandan  (Irish)
Variant of Brendan: Prince, or Brave. Some Scholars Believe Brendan Means 'stinking Hair'
Brandan  (Celtic)
Brandan  (English)
Derived from a Surname and Place Name Based on the Old English for 'Hill Covered With Broom'. Broom is a Prolific Weed. Also, 'From the Beacon Hill', 'Beacon on the Hill' or 'Gorse-covered Hill.'
Breandan  (Irish)
Breandan  (Gaelic)
Breandan  (Celtic)
Breandan  (Gaelic)
Little Raven
Breandan  (Irish)
Little Raven
Candace  (English)
Candace Was an Ancient Hereditary Title Used by Ethiopian Queens
Candace  (Hebrew)
Famous Bearer: American Actress Candice Bergen
205 names found for "Anda"   (page 1 of 5) 

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