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Meaning of the Name Allon

The first name Allon is of Hebrew, English, Biblical origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Hebrew: Oak
English: Variant of Alan: Fair; Handsome. Also Both a Diminutive of Albert (Noble, Bright) and an Abbreviation of Names Beginning With Al-
Biblical: An Oak; Strong

Similar Names

Ailen | Ailin | Alain | Alan | Alawn | Alen | Aleyn | Alhan | Alian | Alin |

Related Names

Allon-bachuth  (Biblical)
The Oak of Weeping
Allon-bachuth  (Biblical)
The Oak of Weeping
Allona  (Hebrew)
Strong As an Oak
Allonia  (Hebrew)
Strong As an Oak
Cadwallen  (Welsh)
Battle Disolver. Also a Variant of Cadwallon: Arranges the Battle
Cadwallon  (Arthurian Legend)
A Seventh Century King
Cadwallon  (Welsh)
Arranges the Battle
Cadwallon  (Anglo Saxon)
Name of a King
Caswallon  (Welsh)
Legendary Son of Beli
Dallon  (English)
From Dale, a Valley
Dallon  (Irish)
Variant of Dallin 'Blind.'
Fallon  (Irish)
Fallon  (Irish)
In Charge
Fallon  (Celtic/Gaelic)
Of a Ruling Family
Sylvester  (Latin)
Of the Woods; of the Forest. Famous Bearer: Action Movie Actor Sylvester Stallone
Tallon  (English)
Tall. Variant of Tal. Surname
Vallonia  (Latin)
From the Vale

Additional Names

Dea Roma | Granville | Isolde | Xander | Fagan | Antje | Leontyne | Potina | Akriti | Karlee | Danil | Egon | Lona | Addy | Pammeli |