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Meaning of the Name Aland

The first name Aland is of English origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

English: Variant of Alan: Fair; Handsome. Also Both a Diminutive of Albert (Noble, Bright) and an Abbreviation of Names Beginning With Al-

Similar Names

Almund |

Related Names

Alandair  (Greek)
Variant of Alexander: Defender of Men. Alexander the Great Was a Macedonian King for Whom the Egyptian City of Alexandria is Named. Eight Popes and Three Russian Emperors Have Been Named Alexander
Alandra  (Spanish)
Variant of Alexandra: Defender of Mankind
Calandra  (Greek)
Calandra  (Italian)
Calandra  (Greek)
Singing Bird
Calandre  (French)
Calandria  (Spanish)
Calinda  (English)
Contemporary Blend of the Italian/Greek Calandra With Linda
Calynda  (English)
Contemporary Blend of the Italian/Greek Calandra With Linda
Nyree  (Maori)
Maori Name Made Popular by New Zealand Actress Nyree Dawn Porter
Phalgun  (Indian)
A month in Hindu Calander

Additional Names

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