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Meaning of the Name Alai

The first name Alai is of Gaelic origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Gaelic: Defender of Man

Similar Names

Al | Ala | Alaa | Alao | Alawi | Ali | All | Allie | Ally | Alo |

Related Names

Agalaia  (Greek)
Alaida  (Latin)
Alain  (French)
A Form of the Celtic Name Alan Meaning Harmony, Stone, or Noble. Handsome
Alain  (Gaelic)
Alain  (Celtic)
Variant of Alan: Harmony, Stone, or Noble. Also Fair, Handsome. Originally a Saint's Name, it Was Reintroduced to Britain During the Norman Conquest, Remained Popular Throughout the Middle Ages
Alain  (Arthurian Legend)
From Alain Le Gros One of the Fisher Kings
Alain  (French)
Alain  (English)
Variant of Alan: Fair; Handsome. Also Both a Diminutive of Albert (Noble, Bright) and an Abbreviation of Names Beginning With Al-
Alaina  (French)
Fair One
Alaina  (Irish)
Dear Child
Alaine  (French)
Dear Child
Alaine  (Irish)
Alair  (English)
Alair  (French)
Cheerful, Glad. Variant of Hilary
Alair  (Latin)
Alayna  (French)
Variation of Alaina, Fair One
Calais  (Latin)
Son of the North Wind
Calais  (Greek)
Son of Boreas
Calais  (French)
City in France
Dalaiah  (Biblical)
The Poor of the Lord
Dalair  (Muslim)
Brave. Valiant
Gilalai  (Biblical)
A Wheel
Lalaine  (American)
The Narrow Road
Laralaine  (Latin)
Protection. Derived from 'Lares' - Individual Roman Household Gods Who Were Protectors of Home and Fields
Malaika  (Arabic)
Malaika  (African)
Milalai  (Biblical)
Circumcision, My Talk
Talaith  (Welsh)

Additional Names

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