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Meaning of the Name Ailie

The first name Ailie is of Gaelic, Scottish, French origin. It is often a girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Gaelic: Diminutive of Ailis: the Scottish Gaelic Form of Alice
Scottish: Diminutive of Ailsa: from Ailsa Craig, a Rocky Islet in the Scottish Firth of Clyde. Also a Scottish Variant of Else, and a Diminutive of Ailis or Alison
French: Diminutive of Alison: A Variant of Alice Meaning Nobility. Now Particularly Popular in Scotland

Similar Names

Aelle | Ail | Ailill | Ali | Allie | Ahelie | Aila | Ailey | Aili | Ailia |

Related Names

Aileen  (English)
Bright One, Shining One; Variations: Eileen, Alina, Aline Pet Name: Ailie, (A-leen)
Alison  (Scottish)
Nobility; Diminutive Form of Alice. Pet Name: Ailie. (Al-ih-son)
Bailie  (English)
Variant of Bailey: Steward; Bailiff
Eileen  (Scottish)
Hazelnut; an Anglicized Form of Eibhlin. Variations: Aileen, Alina, Aline. Pet: Ailie, Eilie. (I-leen)
Ellidh  (Gaelic)
Gaelic Form of Ellie, Which is a Pet Form of Any of the Various Names Beginning With the Element El-. Anglicization: Ailie, Helen. (El-lee)
Lailie  (Hebrew)
Mailie  (Chinese)
Beautiful Pronounced My-lee

Additional Names

Candie | Thora | Lomahongva | Toft | Delila | Jamy | Baltsaros | Moya | Emilia | Joey | Ligia | Gilibeirt | Dominico | Fulaton | Nirakul |