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Meaning of the Name Ahab

The first name Ahab is of Biblical, Hebrew origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Biblical: Uncle; or Father's Brother
Hebrew: Variant of Achav: Uncle

Similar Names

Abib | Afa | Ahava | Awwab | Ayub | Aba | Abha | Afaf | Ahave | Ava |

Related Names

Abdal Wahab  (Arabic)
Servant of the Giving
Abdul Wahab  (Muslim)
Variant of Abdul Wahaab: Servant of the Giver
Abdul-Wahab  (Muslim)
Variant of Abdul-wahaab: Servant of the Giver
Dahab  (Muslim)
Dibzahab  (Biblical)
Where Much Gold Is
Dibzahab  (Biblical)
Where Much Gold Is
Dizahab  (Biblical)
Where Much Gold Is
Dizahab  (Biblical)
Where Much Gold Is
Mahabahu  (Hindu)
Very Strong Person
Mahabala  (Indian)
great strength
Mezahab  (Biblical)
Parth  (Hindu)
Son of Earth. Mythological: Another Name for Arjuna in the Indian Great Epic Mahabharata
Rahab  (Biblical)
Proud; Quarrelsome (Applied to Egypt)
Rahab  (Biblical)
Large; Extended (Name of a Woman)
Shahaab  (Muslim)
Variant of Shahab: Shooting Star. Luminous
Shahab  (Muslim)
Shooting Star. Luminous
Wahab  (Hindu)
Large Hearted

Additional Names

Dodie | Manoranjan | Ahiah | Laurel | Busbyr | Aloysia | Bretta | Calbex | Coinneach | Cian | Anjum | Delrico | Boris | Taatheer | Elani |