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Meaning of the Name Adair

The first name Adair is of Celtic, Gaelic, Scottish, English origin. It is often a boy or girl name. It has the following meaning(s):

Celtic: From the Ford by the Oak Trees
Gaelic: From the Oak Tree Ford
Scottish: From the Oak Tree Ford. Uncertain Origin. May Be a Variant of Edgar, or from the Gaelic for 'Oak Tree Ford'. Used for Many Hundreds of Years As Both Surname and First Name
English: Variant of Edgar: Fortunate and Powerful. from the Old English Name Eadgar, a Compound of 'Ead' Meaning Rich or Happy, and 'Gar' Meaning Spear. Famous Bearer: King Edgar of England; American Author Ed
Celtic: By the Oak Trees
Scottish: From the Oak Tree Ford
English: Noble, Exalted

Similar Names

Adar | Adare | Adir | Adri | Adwr | Adaira | Adairia | Adara | Adira | Adria |

Related Names

Adaira  (Scottish)
From the Oak Tree Ford
Adairia  (Scottish)
From the Oak Tree Ford
MacAladair  (Gaelic)
Son of Alasdair
Peadair  (Greek)

Additional Names

Fasaahat | Psyche | Faaghira | Mo'mina | Dogberry | Marlin | Manish | Madhu | Gabi | Marcus | Kermilla | Andreya | Aubrey | Vedetta | Ife |