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Meaning of the Name Achan

The first name Achan is of Biblical origin. It is often a boy name. It has the following meaning(s):

Biblical: He That Troubleth

Similar Names

Achaean | Achim | Ahsan | Akshan | Aogan | Ashan | Assan | Azzan |

Related Names

Abhivachan  (Hindu)
Good Word
Balachandra  (Indian)
young moon
Balachandra  (Hindu)
Rising Moon
Buadhachan  (Gaelic)
Ceallachan  (Irish)
Variant of Ceallach: War; Strife
Ceileachan  (Gaelic)
Little Champion
Corcurachan  (Gaelic)
Reddish Skinned
Eachan  (Irish)
Eachann  (Scottish)
Brown Horse; a Compound Name Derived from the Gaelic Elements Each (Horse) and Donn (Brown). Anglicization: Hector
Eachann  (Irish)
Eachann  (Gaelic)
Eachann  (Greek)
Eigneachan  (Irish)
Strong Man
Gaganachandra  (Hindu)
The Moon in the Sky
Gurbachan  (Indian)
promise of the guru
Hemachandra  (Indian)
golden moon
Hemachandra  (Hindu)
Golden Moon
Ighneachan  (Irish)
Variant of Eigneachan: Strong Man
Jachan  (Biblical)
Wearing Out, Oppressing
Jachan  (Biblical)
Wearing Out, Oppressing
Lachina  (Scottish)
Land of the Lochs; a Feminine Form of Scottish Lachlan and Lachann (Land of the Lochs), Which are Derived from Lochlann, a Name That Originated As a Term Referring to Migrant Norwegians Who Came from
Nagachandra  (Hindu)
Name of a Poet
Naveenachandra  (Hindu)
Moon in the Sky
Poornachandra  (Hindu)
Full Moon
Pravachan  (Hindu)
Holy Text
Rachana  (Hindu)
Seanachan  (Irish)
Wise One
Siodhachan  (Irish)
Little Peaceful One
Tarachand  (Hindu)
Silver Star
Tarachand  (Hindu)
Tomas  (Gaelic)
A Twin; Gaelic Form of Thomas. Variations: Tomag. Pet Name: Tomachan. (To-mahs)
Udayachandra  (Hindu)
Rising Moon
Uilleam  (Gaelic)
Resolute Protector; Gaelic Form of William. Variations: Uilliam. Pet Names: Uilleachan, Uillidh. (Wil-lem)
Vachan  (Hindu)

Additional Names

Hausisse | Chhavvi | Gwendolen | Cofahealh | Ceallachan | Wilbur | Blakely | Kokil | Martella | Conley | Nell | Blaise | Amold | Appoline | Indra |